Hore, Dennis


Phone number: (250) 721-7168
Email: dkhore@uvic.ca
Department: Chemistry

Research description:

My research involves developing advanced spectroscopic techniques, including nonlinear optics, to study the change in conformation of proteins as they adsorb onto solid surfaces.

Health related research:

The research is aimed at understanding the changes that occur to protein structure as these molecules encounter synthetic solid surfaces. This is of direct interest to the development of biomaterials for prosthetics, sutures, and artificial organs. It is also related to biotechology in the development of biosensors and bio-separation.

Countries lived or worked in:

United States



Software development

The specialized techniques employed in our lab require custom software for data analysis. The first set of software we develop operates all of the instruments in the lab. The second set of software processes the raw data in order to arrive at optical properties of the materials. The final set of software models the material response in order to extract structural parameters from these optical properties.

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