Hoekstra, Hendrik


Department: Physics & Astronomy

Research description:

Dr. Hoekstra's primary research interests include: Observational Cosmology, Clusters of Galaxies, Galaxy Formation, Dark Matter and Dark Energy.Dr. Hoekstra has been actively involved in a number of large observational programs (CFHT Legacy Survey; Red-sequence Cluster Survey and the Supernova/Acceleration Probe) that aim to constrain cosmological parameters through a range of independent techniques. Most notably he has been using weak lensing by large scale structure ("cosmic shear") and the evolution of clusters as a function of redshift. The latter requires more detailed studies of clusters, to which end, Dr. Hoekstra has initiated the Canadian Cluster Comparison Project, with the aim to study the mass distribution of a sample of ~60 X-ray selected galaxy clusters.

International research:

I am involved in a number of international collaborations, such as the Red-sequence Cluster Survey (http://www.rcs2.org) and the Canada-France-Hawaii-Telescope Legacy Survey and the SuperNova/Acceleration Probe.

Countries lived or worked in:



Dutch, German

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