Higgs, Eric


Phone number: (250) 721-8228
Email: ehiggs@uvic.ca
Department: School of Environmental Studies

Research description:

- Ecological Restoration
- Philosophy of Ecological Restoration
- Policy and Practice of Ecological Restoration (especially in mountain regions and protected areas)
- Historical Ecology, including Cultural and Ecological Change
- Repeat Photography
- Philosophy of Technology
Expertise Profile
Climate change, species extinction and extreme weather are rapidly changing the face of our planet.

Dr. Eric Higgs concentrates on how we can help ecosystems recover from that change.

His integrative approach to ecological restoration draws on resources from philosophy, anthropology and ecology.

Dr. Higgs is trained as a philosopher and ecological planner and uses both to look at the conceptual and ethical issues involved in restoring ecosystems. What responsibility do we as humans have? What intervention methods should we use?

As a professor and former director of the University of Victoria's School of Environmental Studies, Dr. Higgs uses a combination of fieldwork and interdisciplinary learning in many of his undergraduate and graduate classes.

He helms the Mountain Legacy Project, where students and researchers venture to the tops of peaks across BC and Alberta. There, they replicate photos taken over 80 years ago to compare and study change in these mountain environments.

The project makes policy recommendations to bodies such as Parks Canada and the Government of Alberta.

His current research interests include nature and technology, novel and hybrid ecosystems, and cultural changes in the way we value nature.

Future projects include a sequel to Nature by Design, his oft-cited book on how we think about ecological restoration.
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International research:

Ecological Restoration Policy and Practice

Countries lived or worked in:

The United States

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