Herwig, Falk


Phone number: (250) 721-7743
Email: fherwig@uvic.ca
Department: Physics & Astronomy

Research description:

Computational astrophysics, nuclear astrophysics, simulation science, stellar physics, origin of the elements in stars and stellar explosions, the first stars in the Universe, merging stars, computational fluid dynamics, combustion in stars.

International research:

Member of several international collaborations, involving partners from the US, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, UK, Australia in areas related to computational astrophysics, nuclear astrophysics, simulation science, stellar physics.

Countries lived or worked in:

USA, UK, Germany



Software development

Our research is heavily based on computer simulations, data handling, fast data storage, access, visualization and processing capabilities, raw number crunching in massively parallel applications, running on thousands of processor cores simultaneously. In our group we are developing software, algorithms and utilities in all these areas.

UVic Speakers bureau

Falk Herwig takes part in the UVic Speakers Bureau.
More information about the Speakers Bureau can be found here.

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