Henderson, Lee

Associate Professor


Email: leehendy@uvic.ca
Department: Writing

Research description:

-Creative non-fiction and fiction
-Short-story writing
-Novel writing
-Graphic novel writing
Expertise Profile
The Road Narrows as You Go. Sound intriguing? It's the title of one of Lee Henderson's books.

The writing professor has written three books so far: the above-mentioned novel about a comic strip artist, a collection of short stories called The Broken Record Technique, and another novel called The Man Game. He says: "It changes you forever to be able to write, to be able to articulate something."

Prof. Henderson did not always want to be a writer; as a child, he wanted to be a visual artist. Now, he finds ways to be both. He drew numerous comic strips for The Road Narrows as You Go.

Prof. Henderson also gives a lecture on the graphic novel. Rather than teach the form's history, however, he shows students how to turn a blank sheet of paper into a "sequence of grid panels with a storyline going through it."

"I strive to give students the chance to be creative, not just digest the work of others," he says.

Whenever he leads a class, whether it's in graphic art or creative writing, Prof. Henderson teaches students to be patient with their rough drafts, and how to progress from the draft to their best quality work. "The first draft is usually a discovery process. You discover your characters; you discover your voice, and by the last page you have figure out what the story is about. The second draft is taking what you learned on that last page and figuring out how to incorporate that in the first few pages. That's one of the most important things I teach.

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