Hayes, Michael

Professor and Director of Health Education and Research


Phone number: (250) 853-3108
Email: mhayes@uvic.ca
Department: Geography

Research description:

- Social geographies of health
- Social gradients in health outcomes
- Health inequities and urban structure
- Health and disability
- Childhood obesity
- Newspaper coverage on health
Expertise Profile
Health involves more than just the provision of health care.

"I'm interested in how the conditions of our daily life shape health outcomes of populations," says Dr. Michael Hayes.

Dr. Hayes is a professor in the School of Public Health and Social Policy, and in the Department of Geography at the University of Victoria.

He takes on health research from a life course perspective, meaning how all the factors that affect people over a lifetime influence health outcomes.

Dr. Hayes says people with the most resources typically do the best, across all sorts of disease outcomes while those people with the fewest resources always do the worst. Those in between are tiered, what he calls a social gradient.

"It's been evident ever since we started collecting statistics in the 1850s," says Dr. Hayes. "We're still not with the program."

He is particularly interested in the tradeoffs that society seems to be willing to make between investments in health care and in other kinds of investments, like early childhood development.

BC leads the country in child poverty with one in five kids growing up poor, says Dr. Hayes. That's an enormous health deficit we're creating.

His research interests include this idea of social gradients in the face of disability, public policy, newspaper reporting on health, and childhood obesity.

In his position as Director of Health Education and Research, Dr. Hayes is focusing on health-related activities throughout all UVic's departments in order to find strategies to raise the profile of health research.

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