Gulliver, Thomas

Professor, Canada Research Chair in Advanced Wireless Communications (Tier 1), Graduate Advisor


Phone number: (250) 721-6028
Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research description:

Wireless Communications; Information Theory and Source Coding; Cryptography; Software Radio; Multiple-Access Systems; Bar Codes and RFID; Ultra-Wideband Communications; Mobile Communications; Optical Wireless Systems; Sensor Networks; Ad-hoc Networks; Protocol Design; Turbo Codes and Iterative Decoding; Spread Spectrum Communications; Signal Processing Applications in Communications; OFDM systems; Spread Spectrum Systems; Algebraic Coding Theory; Information Theory; Cryptography and Computer Security; Software Radio; Algorithms; Applied probablity; Bayesian methods and applications; Bioinformatics; Combinatorial optimization; Combinatorics; Communication networks, theory, protocols and systems; Cryptology; Data Communications; Discrete Mathematics; Information Technologies; Mobile and Personal communication; Networks; Quantum Signal detection theory; Signal Processing; Stochastic processes; Telecommunication technologies; Wireless Communication Systems
B.Sc., M.Sc. (New Brunswick), Ph.D. (U. of Vic.)
P.Eng., F.E.I.C.

Countries lived or worked in:

New Zealand Norway

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