Gugl, Elisabeth


Phone number: (250) 721-8538
Department: Economics

Research description:

- Family economics
- Public finance
- Tax competition

Expertise Profile
Individual family decisions have a lot more impact on society than you might think.

Dr. Elisabeth Gugl, professor in the department of economics, builds theoretical models to analyze family decision-making, particularly in how the decision-making process affects the choices of individual members within the household.

She explores family questions such as how many children parents should have, how much they should invest in their children and who of the spouses decides to go to work.

"What happens in the family does not stay in the family," she says.

It turns out that the decisions made within a household contribute to the quality of health, education and skills of workers in the labour force.

Dr. Gugl's work can inform policy regulations on family taxes that may influence the bargaining power between the spouses. Often it's the one with the higher income who makes the final decisions in the family.

Dr. Gugl also studies public economics, or the role of the government in the economy. She and her colleague David Scoones have looked into the challenges the City of Victoria faces in providing public services such as cultural events to the whole region while financing them with property taxes from its residents and businesses.

Dr. Gugl is also interested in the area of tax competition and has commented to the news media on the effectiveness of tax policies. She is involved in organizing a high school symposium on inequality in Victoria, across Canada and around the world.

In class, she uses practical examples from everyday settings to help students understand links between theory and policy-advising, providing them with the bigger picture of how their decisions can make a difference to society.

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International research:

Dr. Gugl is working on several research projects on international tax competition with George R. Zodrow from Rice University, USA.

Countries lived or worked in:

Dr. Gugl has lived in the USA (1998-2003) and Austria (1973-1998) before moving to Canada.



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