Green, Jacquie

Associate Professor


Phone number: (250) 472-4129
Department: School of Social Work

Research description:

- Indigenous knowledge and philosophies
- Child and family wellbeing
- Best practices for Indigenous peoples
- Storying as research
Expertise Profile
Indigenous youth are over-represented in BC's child welfare system and under-represented in BC post-secondary institutions.

Kundoqk, Jacquie Green, associate professor in the School of Social Work at the University of Victoria, is setting out to change that.

Currently at the tail end of her PhD, Green is committed to growing the Indigenous space at the university and beyond.

Her PhD is an auto-ethnography. It is a detailed account of her own community experience, and teachings from her parents, translated to inform policy development, practice and research frameworks. It is important to Green that her parents' names appear on the paper itself and that she defend her PhD not only at the university, but in her own Haisla First Nations community as well.

Green is the project manager for the Indigenous Child Welfare Research Network housed at UVic. The network facilitates the development of research practices that utilize the knowledge and teachings of Indigenous cultures throughout BC.

The network's vision is to establish a research institute in BC to ensure Indigenous children and families are nurtured with traditional teachings and practices that are relevant to the diverse Indigenous cultures of the province.

Green co-developed the Indigenous specializations program in the School of Social Work. In the program, students are given a place to explore their own cultural knowledge and bring that to their research and social work.

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International activities:

Green is a presenter at HUSITA conference, inclusive of Human Services Information Technology Applications. This conference occurs every two years. Her presentation focuses on how we make information systems accessible for all groups of people, with a focus on people with disabilities and Indigenous people at an international level.

Community projects

Green conducts research relating to decentralized social work programs with Indigenous peoples on Vancouver Island.

She studies best practices within First Nation's social work.

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