Good, David

Professor and Director, Strategic Research


Phone number: (250) 721-8058
Department: Public Administration

Research description:

- Public administration reform
- The politics and management of public money
- The voluntary sector and civil society
- The federal budgetary process
Expertise Profile
Look at someone's credit card statement and you get a sense of where their priorities lie. Do they value health and wellness? Do they take extravagant trips?

Looking at the Canadian government's budget can be very similar.

Dr. David Good studies the politics of public money - where it goes, why, and what it says about the priorities of the Canadian government. Money talks, says Dr. Good, and it speaks to what our governments and citizens believe in and the kind of society we want to have.

Dr. Good's main research focuses on the politics of the budgetary process.

He is the author of The Politics of Public Money, which examines the promises and pitfalls of budgetary reform and sheds new light on the role insiders play in influencing government spending. In that book, he examines how four government roles affect the federal budget: the spenders, guardians, priority setters and watchdogs.

Other research interests include public sector reform, the politics of income redistribution, minority governments and the use of audits within government.

Dr. Good spent thirty years in Ottawa working in the Canadian federal government as assistant deputy minister in several departments. He uses this on-the-ground experience in the classroom, combining research, theory and practice in his teaching.

Dr. Good's classes are very hands-on: he incorporates role playing and real world policy analysis into his teaching and he makes sure his students know that no question is a dumb question.

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