Glezos, Simon

Assistant Professor


Phone number: (250) 853-3524
Department: Political Science

Research description:

Speed and Technology
Contemporary Political Theory
IR Theory
Theories of the State
Theories of Political Violence
Contemporary Information Technologies
Capitalism and Resistance

Expertise Profile
Technology is making the world move faster, and political scientist and philosopher Simon Glezos says we should think more critically about what that means for our well-being. He studies the challenges an accelerated world poses for politics and the opportunities it provides.

"I ask what it is like to live in a world that is accelerating. We need to think critically about how we can take advantage of and live ethically in an accelerating world without ignoring its dangers."

One benefit of acceleration, Dr. Glezos says, is the ability to interact with people around the world almost instantly. This can help marginalized citizens find strong, supportive communities. The suicide rate among gay youth has gone down dramatically in the last 15 years in part because teens can find supportive groups online: "You no longer have to be the only gay kid in your town who has come out and has no one to talk to."

Faster communication has negative consequences as well. It can affect people's sense of location, making them feel constantly jet-lagged and overwhelmed. For example, to meet the demands of their job, some people have to live mentally in a time zone where they are not present physically. "When people get overwhelmed because of the accelerated world, they get reactionary," Dr. Glezos says, "and that can be a dangerous type of politics."

Dr. Glezos is currently writing his second book on politics and the accelerating world. In it, he explores the challenges and benefits individuals face. "I want to engage with the issues," he says, "in a rigorous, theoretical manner and give people tools to rethink the way they interact in the world."

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