Garcia-Barrera, Mauricio


Phone number: (250) 472-5067
Department: Psychology

Research description:

I conduct my research at CORTEX, a lab at the University of Victoria, Department of Psychology, dedicated to the analysis of human behavior and cognitive processing that is executive in nature. Currently, we have four areas of research: (1) Conceptualization of the construct executive function and development of ecologically valid and reliable methods to assess executive functions. (2) Examination of structural patterns of executive systems including the prefrontal cortex and its subdivisions (orbitofrontal, dorsolateral, and ventromedial areas), the Anterior Cingulate Cortex, the Cerebellum, and corpus callosum). (3) Development of executive functions from preschool years to adulthood and examination of patterns of decline through aging. And (4) examination of moderators of executive functioning such as exercise, bilingualism, and history of neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g., ADHD) or acquired (e.g., concussions) brain injuries.

International research:

One of the most intriguing components of executive functioning is emotional regulation. I am currently collaborating as co-investigator (P.I. Dr. David Pineda) on a grant with the Colombian Department of Science, Technology and Innovation (COLCIENCIAS), aiming to study emotional processing and emotional regulation in a large sample of ex-combatants (guerrilla and paramilitaries) who are part of a national program for reinsertion to civil society.

Countries lived or worked in:

I lived in Colombia and in the USA



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