Flaherty, Mark


Phone number: (250) 721-7337
Email: flaherty@mail.geog.uvic.ca
Department: Geography

Research description:

Research Description

Most of my research focuses on the social and environmental impacts of the development of coastal aquaculture on communities in tropical developing countries. More recently I have also been investigating governance issues surrounding the development of aquaculture in B.C. and the involvement of First Nations communities.

Expertise Profile

I am cofounder and Director of Tropical Initiatives for the Coastal Aquaculture Research and Training (CART) Network at UVic. I regularly teach undergraduate courses in statistics and third world development. I also teach a graduate course in multivariate analysis.

International research:

I have been the Principal Investigator and/or Director of several aquaculture research and development projects in Thailand, India, and Mozambique. The most recent is the Southern Oceans Education and Development (SOED): Building Sustainable Aquaculture in Mozambique (2007-2013) project which is funded by CIDA. I have also served as an advisor on projects in Brazil, Bolivia and Vietnam. I am currently collaborating with researchers in Bangladesh on a study of shrimp farming.

Countries lived or worked in:

Thailand, Vietnam, India, Lao Peoples Democratic Republic, Brazil, Bolivia, Mozambique.

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