Esling, John


Department: Linguistics

Research description:

Adult and infant speech production
Speech articulation

International activities:

Our research examines speech production in any language of the world. We have studied laryngeal and pharyngeal phonetics in many languages from many language families, including Arabic, Tigrinya, Thai, Cantonese, Yi, Bai, Tibetan, Sui, Pame, Korean, Nlaka'pamux, and Nuuchahnulth. Our SSHRC Infant Speech Acquisition Project includes sites in Canada, France, Morocco, and China to compare the progression from birth to 12 months in the development of the capacity to produce English, French, Arabic, and Bai speech sounds.

Countries lived or worked in:

Canada, France, Morocco, China and Southeast Asia


French, German, Chinese, (Spanish, Italian)

Software development

Our software partners, SpeechTech Ltd., which grew out of the Department of Linguistics at UVic, develops speech analysis and synthesis software commercially and markets our linguistics teaching materials.

Community projects

We study the acquisition of speech by infants, using Victoria as a base for the study of infants from an ambient English environment. Our SSHRC project includes sites in Canada, France, Morocco, and China. We have also carried out SSHRC research in Vancouver on the Survey of Vancouver English, collecting and analyzing data on accent and sound change in language.

UVic Speakers bureau

John Esling takes part in the UVic Speakers Bureau.
More information about the Speakers Bureau can be found here.

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