Emme, Michael

Associate Professor


Phone number: (250) 721-7896
Email: memme@uvic.ca
Department: Curriculum and Instruction

Research description:

- Arts-based collaborative research with children and special populations
- Photography as a tool in human subjects research
- Multi-modal literacy in art, teaching, learning and research
Expertise Profile
Does a person's story matter? Michael Emme certainly thinks so; he's exploring how school children and minority groups can express their experiences through art.

Dr. Emme is an art educator as well as an active photographer and printmaker interested in developing curriculum that allows students to ask questions and share experiences through art. He also explores ways in which immigrant, refugee and other marginalized students can understand their school environment through art processes such as photography.

When children from other countries first attend Canadian schools, the language and culture of the classroom may be new to them and their language and culture may be new to their new classmates. Through photography, new kids can become investigators, using images to describe their experiences of their new school. Together with classmates, they can write the names of places and people onto the pictures to share their questions and their insights.

He says, "They end up taking photographs of everything: the things they wonder about, are afraid of, and are fascinated by. The photos become like flashcards, or a study of their new environment. The sweet part about this is that they then get to take the pictures home to share with family and to open communication about school. At that point, they have -- in a sense -- started leading a personal research project."

Dr. Emme suggests that any student, but especially immigrant, refugee and other marginalized children can become co-researchers through their art. The students' artwork demonstrates both their ability and understanding of the world, good information policy makers can use to create safe and supportive environments.

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