Ellison, Sara

Associate Professor


Phone number: (250) 721-7737
Email: sarae@uvic.ca
Department: Physics & Astronomy

Research description:

- Reduction and analysis of imaging and spectroscopic data
- Interpretation of galaxy merger simulations
Expertise Profile
How did we get from the simple ingredients that came out of the Big Bang to the rich fabric of galaxies and stars we see around us today?

Dr. Sara Ellison tackles this broad question by looking at galaxies in our universe both near and far.

A Canada Research Chair in Observational Cosmology, Dr. Ellison couples observations from the world's leading telescopes with computer simulations to understand how galaxies form and evolve.

In the distant universe, where galaxies are too faint to observe directly, Dr. Ellison can only study the chemical signatures of galaxy evolution.

In more nearby galaxies, Dr Ellison is particularly interested in the dramatic phenomenon of galaxy mergers. A merger between two galaxies can trigger immense bursts of star formation and send material spiraling in towards each galaxy's central black hole.

Dr. Ellison is proud to pass on her passion for astronomy to her students and to the community at large.

In her classes, she takes advantage of Victoria's place as one of the main centre's for astronomy in Canada. She brings in specialists from topics across the field to speak to students and open them up to the possibilities that astronomy research offers.

She believes astronomy can have a profound cultural impact, providing insights into age old questions such as how did the universe begin? What is it made of? And how will it end?

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Countries lived or worked in:

The U.K. and Chile


French and Spanish

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