Elangovan, A



Phone number: (250) 721-6405
Email: arelango@uvic.ca
Department: Business

Research description:

- Conflict management in organizations (negotiations, managers intervening as third-parties in disputes between subordinates)
- Building/erosion of trust in organizations
- Leadership competencies
- Motivation (Callings)

Expertise Profile
Dr. A.R. Elangovan, or "Elango" to those who know him, believes everybody deserves a chance to find meaning in their work.

Seven years ago, Dr. Elangovan started a new stream of scholarship on the topic of callings. His research guides people to find meaning in their work lives by finding their own true calling.

He has found that teaching is a wonderful fit for his own calling: to help others live a fulfilled life.

In both MBA and undergraduate classrooms, Dr. Elangovan sees his students as co-producers of knowledge; he is but a catalyst to their growth and progress.

Since he became director of international programs, the number of business students participating in student exchanges has risen from 33 per cent to 73 per cent.

Along with teaching at the university, Dr. Elangovan is also very active in providing executive and management development training for private and public sector organizations in Canada and Asia.

In 2012, Dr. Elangovan was recognized with Canada's most prestigious teaching award--the 3M National Teaching Fellowship.

Dr. Elangovan's other research and teaching interests are in the areas of leadership, organizational analysis, trust, conflict management and negotiations. All these interests have the dual goal of making organizations more effective while also boosting the well-being of employees and consumers alike.

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Dr. Elangovan's Faces of UVic Research video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3Bpz6TjakY

International research:

Cross-cultural research on trust in organizations with colleagues in Austria.

International activities:

As Director of International Programs, Dr. Elangovan is actively involved in managing student exchange agreements with partner universities in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Countries lived or worked in:

India and Austria



Community projects

Leadership in the BC public service.

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