Ekeltchik, Serguei



Phone number: (250) 721-7505
Email: serhy@uvic.ca
Department: History

Research description:

-Russian and European History
-Stalinist culture
-Modern Ukraine
-Modern Russia
Expertise Profile
The present-day conflict in the Ukraine is grounded in the past. One needs to understand how modern Ukraine developed and how the Russian Empire collapsed, says Serhy Yekelchyk, a professor in the History and Slavic studies departments.

Dr. Yekelchyk is an expert on modern Ukraine, as well as on the Soviet Union and Stalinism in particular. He uses his expertise to shed light on the major events of the contemporary world, especially those related to the Ukrainian conflict. The cultural history of Russia and Eastern Europe is worth studying, because it continues to influence people's values, and remains relevant in the politics of the region, he says.

People constantly participate in a dialogue with the past. Even Stalinism, an ideology and political model that we might think belongs in the dustbin of history, continues to haunt Russian society. We can see this in recent proposals to rename the city of Volgograd back to Stalingrad. Consequently, past events trigger current ones, including the conflict with Ukraine. "History has not ended," Dr. Yekelchyk says, "and certainly not in that part of the world."

Dr. Yekelchyk shares his expertise with the public and his students to help them understand contemporary Eastern European events. He has unique ways of bringing Ukrainian and Soviet history and culture to his classes. Since he comes from Ukraine, he can incorporate family stories and pictures dating back to the early 20th century. He also takes his students to the Ukrainian cultural centre, so they can participate in community events. "The visits provide us with meaningful connections," he says. "History and life are not separate, and neither are the academy and society."

Countries lived or worked in:

-Ukraine -Australia -U.S.A.


Ukrainian and Russian

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