Dukes, Peter

Associate Professor


Email: dukes@uvic.ca
Department: Mathematics & Statistics

Research description:

-Computational and algebraic methods for determining the structure and existence of combination configurations
-Applications of combinatorial configurations
Expertise Profile
Mathematician Dr. Peter Dukes thinks of mathematics as a profound mix of beauty and utility.

Specifically, Dr. Dukes studies discrete mathematics, which deals with quantities that can be broken down into neat little pieces, such as pixels on a computer screen or letters or numbers in a password.

Discrete mathematics has important applications in computer science, cryptography, engineering and problem-solving of all types. It contrasts with continuous mathematics, which focuses on how things grow and change continuously.

Dr. Dukes would like people to know that we live with discrete mathematics every day, especially with the rapid evolution of information technology.
He believes there is great intellectual value in studying pure mathematics --doing research on areas such as number theory, geometry and algebra can lead to the innovation of new codes and stronger encryption methods in the future.
Because discrete mathematics encourages reasoning rather than memorizing equations, Dr. Dukes prefers to foster a dynamic classroom environment, giving plenty of context and cross-discipline references in his teaching material.
Those who work closely with him will know Dr. Dukes for the enthusiasm he brings to his teaching and his research. Others may recognize him for being awarded a 2007 Kirkman Medal for his work on combinatorics, a field that studies the arrangement or combination of discrete structures.

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The United States

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