Downey, Angela

Associate professor


Phone number: (250) 721-6113
Department: Accounting

Research description:

- Evidence-based service delivery models in health settings
- Change management in health
- Worksite health promotion and disease prevention
- Using information technology for chronic disease management
Expertise profile
Is it possible to improve health care delivery while reducing costs at the same time?

University of Victoria health economist and business professor Dr. Angela Downey thinks so.

The bulk of Dr. Downey's research focuses on the Canadian health care system and examines the financial implications of changes in health care system delivery.

In one study, Dr. Downey examined the money saved with preventative treatment options for bed sores, or pressure ulcers, versus paying to cure the problem once it manifested.

This led to Dr. Downey's current research, a five to six year study involving many partners and funding groups that looks at the health care system as a whole.

She studies the complexity of the different organizations and interests that drive health care delivery, and tries to make sense of how the system should be approached and how it can change.

Dr. Downey has published and presented extensively on the role of measurement in health promotion and prevention, as well as management's motivation to undertake worksite wellness programming.

An accountant by trade, Dr. Downey teaches managerial accounting and control systems in the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business. She makes the effort to bring examples from her research to the classroom so students get an idea of what accounting research can be.

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Software development

Dr. Downey is developing health management education software.

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