Dhamoon, Rita

Assistant Professor


Email: dhamoonr@uvic.ca
Department: Political Science

Research description:

- Identity/difference politics and power
- Critical race feminism
- Race, nation-building and Sikhs in Canada
- Intersectionality and solidarity politics
- Intersectionality, the Canadian Museum of Human Rights & the oppression Olympics
- Teaching and learning about race and racism
Expertise Profile
We all have different backgrounds, histories and communities to which we belong or identify.

Dr. Rita Dhamoon of the Department of Political Science at the University of Victoria studies these differences and how they play out in a political setting.

Dr. Dhamoon has worked extensively in the areas of anti-racism, feminism, difference politics, equity and social justice, in both the UK and Canada.

One of her most recent research projects focuses on Sikhs in Canada and the politics surrounding their inclusion in Canadian society. To conduct her research she looks at case studies, including the Komagata Maru incident in 1914 where Sikhs were denied entry into Canada.

The feminist methodology of intersectionality inspires much of Dr. Dhamoon's work. Intersectionality is not just studying singular aspects of identity such as race, but keeping in mind all forms of social difference in one's research.

Her study of identity difference politics provides insight into how power in Canada's political system functions and into the experiences of marginalized populations.

She brings her research into her classes and encourages both her undergraduate and graduate students to be their own knowledge makers and take up their own research.

Dr. Dhamoon is an active participant in the academic community, has co-organized on-campus anti-racism groups and activities and actively supports Indigenous initiatives on campus.

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