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Department: Sociology

Research description:

-Gender Variance and Diversity
-Sexuality and Sexual Diversity
-Transgender Experience Across the Life Course
-Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Movements for Social Change
-The Life of Reed Erickson and the Impact of the Erickson Educational Foundation
Expertise Profile
Transgendered people are among the most discriminated-against people in the world today, says sociologist Aaron Devor.

Even though society is becoming increasingly welcoming toward transgendered people, many of them continue to face verbal and physical abuse, and even murder. In many countries, there are no laws that protect transgender people against discrimination.

Dr. Devor studies how society perceives transgendered individuals, and what contributes to making it safer for them to express their identities. He is an author of the "Standards of Care" published by the World Professional Association for Transgendered Health. Devor explains that "It's a very important document because it specifies the appropriate and most beneficial way to treat people who come to health care professionals for assistance in changing their gender."

In his classes, he includes content about transgender people to emphasize that they are part of the spectrum of humanity: "I make sure," he says, "that people remember there are many different genders."

Dr. Devor is also the founder and academic director of the world's largest archival collection of documents recording the history of research and activism concerning transgendered people. He says that the Transgender Archives collection is promoting a positive future for transgendered individuals: "To thrive, people need to know their history and to be able to tell their stories with dignity and pride."

The archives, which are located at UVic, contain works from over 17 countries spanning more than 50 years of activism and 100 years of research and include enough material to fill a shelf the length of a football field.

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Health related research:

Transgender lifespan development

International activities:

World Professional Association for Transgender Health. Chair, Standards of Care translations committee. Chair, Archives Committee.

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