Delaney, Kerry


Phone number: (250) 721-7091
Department: Biology

Research description:

Cellular neuroscience, synaptic physiology, control of neurotransmission by activity and neuromodulators.
Techniques include electrophysiology (whole cell patch, sharp electrode, extracellular field recording) and imaging of fluorescent proteins (YFP,GFP) and fluorescent calcium indicators (Fura, Fluo, Ca-Green) using one and two-photon excitation methods.

Health related research:

Basic (non-clinical) biomedical research relating to normal neural function and repair of damaged or mis-developed nervous system. Study of cellular dysfunction associated with Rett Syndrome.

Countries lived or worked in:

The U.S.A. and France

Software development

Control software for laser scanning using galvonometers. Acquisition and analysis software for fluorescence imaging using photomultiplier tubes or CCD cameras.

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