D'Arcy, Alexandra

Assistant Professor


Phone number: (250) 472-4579
Email: adarcy@uvic.ca
Department: Faculty of Humanities

Research description:

- Language variation and change
- Linguistic heterogeneity
- Varieties of English
Expertise Profile
For Dr. Alexandra D'Arcy, linguistics has a lot in common with science: it's all about forming a hypothesis and then testing it.

Dr. D'Arcy is a sociolinguist, meaning she studies language as it is used in everyday life. She is also the director of the Sociolinguistics Research Lab at the University of Victoria.

She and her team search, transcribe and analyze voice samples for various projects.

Dr. D'Arcy's research specializes in language variation and change. One of the projects she's particularly interested in is where discourse features such as 'like' come from and how they're used.

In another project, Dr. D'Arcy is investigating if and how British roots persist in Victoria. She and her team are taking a listen to the local parlance - past and present - and watching the evolution of a local dialect.

Dr. D'Arcy's students benefit from direct involvement in her research. In her lab, undergraduates learn to conduct interviews and record results using a custom iPod/iPad app. Graduate students help comb through the archives and compile information into a sophisticated language database.

Her goal is to also teach her students about language ideology.

What people think and say about language shapes much of our world, says Dr. D'Arcy, including how we treat different speaker groups such as women, minorities or immigrants.

Dr. D'Arcy hopes to turn these assumptions about language on their head, one 'like' at a time.

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Countries lived or worked in:

Canada, New Zealand



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