Damian, Daniela

Associate Professor


Phone number: (250) 472-5788
Email: damian.daniela@gmail.com
Department: Computer Science

Research description:

-Global software development
-Empirical software engineering
-Human-computer interaction
-Computer-supported cooperative design
-Requirements engineering

Expertise Profile
Contrary to popular belief, there's more to software development than a set of programmers and developers, says computer scientist Daniela Damian.
In fact, there's a broader set of players involved in the creation and success of a software project. This includes business analysts, managers, architects, testers and the customers.

Dr. Damian's research looks at how these key players communicate with each other when working on software development projects. Many of these stakeholders are dispersed across different parts of the world, she notes.
While this strategy gives the software industry a competitive advantage, interacting with teams from remote places around the globe presents complex challenges due to differences in time zones, work culture, and knowledge management technologies.

Dr. Damian's research projects use a synergy of empirical methods, data mining and social network analysis to understand these complex interactions and address them by improving the effectiveness of communication and coordination in large, distributed software projects.

She leads the Software Engineering Global interAction Lab (SEGAL) at UVic, a computer science facility equipped with state-of-the-art collaboration technologies, such as large interactive displays and videoconferencing systems.

This research lab provides the physical and intellectual space for UVic students and international collaborators working with her. Students get first-hand experience collaborating with industrial partners and adjoining labs from other international universities.

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International research:

Actively involved in international research that seeks to develop and evaluate tools and methodologies for software development in global teams, in collaboration with the Universtiy of Technology, Sydney, Australia, and the University of Bari, Italy.

International activities:

Program Committee co-Chair of the First International Conference on Global Software Development 2006

Countries lived or worked in:

Romania, Australia and Holland



Software development

Computer-mediated tools for collaboration in global software teams.

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