Costa, Maycira


Phone number: (250) 721-7334
Department: Geography

Research description:

Research Description

My research focuses on large-scale understanding and quantification of changes in optical water properties and remote sensing of coastal and inland waters and how it relates to natural resource management and natural phenomena. I also work in tropical wetland dynamics (flooding and vegetation). My research employs lab and field spectroscopy, airborne and satellite imagery, and biogeochemistry data.

Expertise Profile

Our research group is working towards (1) developing research methods to make more effective use of remotely sensed imagery for understanding and monitoring biophysical processes in ocean and inland waters and wetlands, (2) developing optical techniques to quantify particulates in open water aquaculture, and (3) investigating the light climate in coastal and riverine waters.
We have an interdisciplinary group of young researchers with expertise in oceanography, geography, biology, computer science, environmental science, and engineering. We are conducting interdisciplinary research with several international collaborators in Brazil, Canada, France, the United States, and Japan.
In my work, what I like most is field work! Most of my field work takes place in the BC coast and in Brazil, more specifically, in the Amazon and Pantanal. I have to admit that field work in Brazil is more pleasurable because of the warm temperatures (no need for survival suits!). However, BC waters are incredibly diverse (optically speaking), which makes our work very exciting.
In my life, what I like the most is spending time with my boy, Nattan, my very young daughter, Maiara, and my husband, Kevin.

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International research:

I am conducting the following research projects in Brazil:

International activities:

Other international activities: 1. Associated researcher with the Brazilian Institute of Space Research (INPE), Brazil. 2. Member of the Amazon River and Floodplain Eco-Region Working Group, sponsored by WWF-Brazil. 3. Member of the science advisory board of the Japanese Space Agency. 4. Member of the remote sensing and water quality advisory group – GEO.

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Community projects

I am researching (1) the optical water properties and remote sensing of coastal waters in the Strait of Georgia and how it related to fisheries management, together with DFO. (2) I am evaluating the use of in-water optical instruments to quantify particulates in open water aquaculture, together with the aquaculture industry. (3) I am evaluating the use of high resolution optical satellites to map substrate of the coastal regions of BC, together with Parks Canada. (4) I am investigating the impacts of gold mining in the light climate and water quality of Amazonian rivers, together with the Brazilian Institute of Space Science. (5) I am developing landscape and flooding maps for the largest pristine tropical wetland, the Pantanal, and how it relates to biodiversity, together with the Brazilian Agriculture Research Centre.

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