Coady, Yvonne

Associate Professor


Phone number: (250) 472-5715
Department: Computer Science

Research description:

- Emerging avenues of advanced modularity across the software stack
- Aspect-oriented software development
- Scalable system infrastructures
- Distributed virtualization
- Traditional system evolution and maintenance
- New programming paradigms and future pedagogical directions in concurrent environments
Expertise Profile
She's the leader of The Mod Squad 2.0, but Dr. Yvonne Coady doesn't fight crime.

Besides her hip attitude and the investigative work she does with her students, the associate professor in the University of Victoria's Computer Science Department has little else in common with the television show of the late 1960s and early '70s.

Dr. Coady and her team of graduate and post-doctorate students - dubbed the Mod(ularity) Squad - instead work to improve the interrelation of computer system infrastructure software.

With the help of her students, Dr. Coady's research is making changes in the way software developers and users use the collaborative medium called the World Wide Web.

She and her team work with industry stakeholders, community partners and groups on campus to help realize projects that require her specific expertise.

One such project with CanAssist is helping people with disabilities navigate public transit using mobile and cloud technologies.

She also helped develop an interactive, web-based video game to teach about the treaty process in partnership with UVic anthropologist Brian Thom and the Hul'qumi'num Treaty Group.

Dr. Coady's research takes her to Indigenous communities where she works with community members to develop software learning tools and platforms for better remote education.

The next big thing, says Dr. Coady, is to harness the power of cloud computing and its ultra high-speed networks.

Her ultimate goal is to take the enormous computing power that used to only be accessible to researchers in ivory towers and put it in the hands of ordinary people.

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Ph.D.(British Columbia)

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