Cloutier Fisher, Denise


Phone number: (250) 721-6289
Department: Aging, Centre on

Research description:

Population Health (Models and Frameworks)
Influence of Environmental Exposures on Breast and other Cancers
Environmental and Social Determinants of Health
Cerebrovascular Disease (Stroke) Patterns, Predictors and Outcomes

Rural Health Planning and Service Delivery
Long-term Care Restructuring: Impacts and Effects
Health System Performance and Integrated Delivery Systems
Project and Program Evaluation
Healthy Aging
Social Capital and Community Resilience
Palliative Care
Community Resources for Stroke Affected Persons

Life Span Developmental Issues
Environments for Successful and Healthy Aging
Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Attachment to Place, Community integration
Public Health Issues: Reproductive Health, Mental Health and Substance Abuse
Living with Stroke: Service Use and Activity Spaces

Health related research:

The Centre on Aging just obtained a large infrastructure grant from MSFHR to conduct multidisciplinary research and I am involved in the stream related to population health and vulnerability. In addition, I am a collaborator on the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging.

Community projects

Yes, I have just finished a SSHRC funded project to study the experiences of place for aged-in-place persons and in-migrants on Vancouver Island. In addition, I worked with Dr. Karen Kobayashi in Sociology to develop a profile on socially isolated older adults living in small town and small city British Columbia. Also, I am working with several other Vancouver Island liaisons on research with relevance to local communities.

UVic Speakers bureau

Denise Cloutier Fisher takes part in the UVic Speakers Bureau.
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