Caws, Catherine

Associate Professor


Phone number: (250) 721-7259
Department: French

Research description:

- Computer assisted language learning
- Second language learning/teaching
- Teaching and learning in higher education
- Lexicology/ phraseology

Expertise Profile
Associate professor in the French department Dr. Catherine Caws is using web-based technology to create a more engaging environment for higher education language learners.

By introducing Twitter and Wordpress to her French classes, Dr. Caws provides her students with opportunities to share ideas and knowledge on topics they care about beyond the classroom setting.

"The biggest impact of technology is life-long learning," she says of learners who engage in real-time and meaningful experience when communicating and publishing in a second language.

Dr. Caws is an expert in computer assisted language learning at UVic, conducting research on the interactions language learners have with web-based tools such as social media platforms, intelligent tutoring systems or online dictionaries, and the activity they're engaged in.

In one project, Dr. Caws is assessing human-computer interactions, recording measurements such as how long it takes a student to find a document online, so that she can redesign systems to improve their user experience.

In partnership with the Humanities Computing and Media Centre at UVic, Dr. Caws is the creator of FrancoToile, a digital library of videos capturing the cultural experience of different French speakers around the globe.

Dr. Caws believes technology to be a tool best used in an informed way for teachers and students. Simple and inexpensive tools for tweeting and blogging help learners build confidence when writing for an audience in a different language.

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Countries lived or worked in:

Dr. Caws has lived in France, South East Asia and the Caribbean.


French and Italian

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Catherine Caws takes part in the UVic Speakers Bureau.
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