Carriere, Jeannine

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Department: School of Social Work

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First Nation child and family services

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Social worker Jeanine Carriere says that adopted Indigenous children face different issues than other adopted children because of their different cultural and ancestral ties. "Indigenous children have inherent rights to culture and identity. Separation from Indigenous communities can be damaging."

In past research endeavours Dr. Carriere examined BC's cultural planning policy, which requires social workers and parents of adopted Indigenous children to develop a cultural plan that allows children to grow up aware of their cultural identity and practices. Dr. Carriere's research demonstrated that plans were not effectively developed or administered. As a result, she suggested increased training for social workers.

Dr. Carriere also focuses on the rights and circumstances of Metis children. She says that, because Metis children are not assigned federal status, they are harder to identify than First Nations children in state care. Instead, it is up to provincial Metis organizations to make sure that children get memberships into their community and this is no guarantee as it is up to ministry and agency workers to identify Metis children.

"Many children will come into care, and no one knows they are Metis," Dr. Carriere says, "so I describe Metis children as the invisible Indigenous children of welfare."

Dr. Carriere plans to conduct a national study on Metis children in care. She will look into Canada's current legislation and policies to see how--and if--they identify Metis children. At the same time, she will talk with elders and community service providers about Metis child caring methods, and the best ways to raise Metis children.

"Being Metis myself and having worked as a social worker for nearly 30 years, I've seen the lack of services to Metis children and families," Dr. Carriere says. "It drives my passion for this research."

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