Butt, Leslie

Associate Professor


Phone number: (250) 721-6647
Email: lbutt@uvic.ca
Department: Pacific and Asian Studies

Research description:

-Medical Anthropology
-Eastern Indonesia
Expertise Profile
Migrant parents who travel without legal documentation between Indonesia and Malaysia don't always understand the importance of citizenship for their children, says Leslie Butt.

Dr. Butt is a professor in the Pacific and Asian Studies department and a research affiliate with UVic's Centre for Asia and Pacific Initiatives, where she coordinates two projects with the centre's "migration and mobility" program.

Currently, Dr. Butt conducts research on the challenges migrating parents face and how their decisions affect their children's well-being.

Stateless children who have no proof of citizenship often have no right to education, health care or property ownership. In fact, stateless people are among the poorest in the world.

Dr. Butt and her team carry out interviews with Indonesian migrant parents who work regularly in Malaysia to gather their experiences of what statelessness means to them.

Dr. Butt's second project looks at the impact of migration on the family and reproductive lives of migrant nurses, particularly from Indonesia and the Philippines.

Both areas revolve around the pivotal role of children in the decisions these families make to move out of their country, an idea that often gets left out in migration studies. "Conducting qualitative research enables marginalized groups to have their opinions and concerns heard," she says.

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Health related research:

-Medical anthropology research on AIDS -Reproduction and sexuality in cultural context in indigenous communities in Melanesia, especially in eastern Indonesia.

International research:

Medical anthropology research on reproduction and sexuality and AIDS in Oceanic countries.

Countries lived or worked in:

-Indonesia -Papua New Guinea and Oceanic countries


Indonesian, French and Spanish

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