Brown, Graham

Assistant Professor


Department: Business

Research description:

- Territoriality and psychological ownership
- Human resource management
- Leadership and negotiation
- The impact of the built environment and design on human behaviour

Expertise Profile
Territoriality is commonly associated with defending space.

At the workplace, it can extend beyond that, from claiming simple objects like pens and staplers to roles, ideas and professional relationships, says Graham Brown.

An expert in territoriality and psychological ownership within the context of business organizations, Dr. Brown studies how people respond to and interact with territorial behaviour at work.

His research can help resolve common workplace conflicts, such as whose role it is to fulfil a duty, or how people can negotiate rooms, coworkers or objects. His work can also lead to a better understanding of why entrepreneurs sometimes reject constructive feedback from their peers.

"The more innovators care about their new product, the more effort and commitment they'll devote to creating it, increasing their chances of success," says Dr. Brown.

But this possessiveness over the creation can also blind the entrepreneur from seeking help or accepting quality recommendations for their product, he adds.

Organizations should know that territoriality has positives, says Dr. Brown. The feeling of owning a workspace, or an office, for example, can enhance productivity, efficiency and affiliation with the organization.

At the Gustavson School of Business where he teaches entrepreneurship, Dr. Brown brings the awareness that territoriality exists almost anywhere - on roads, in libraries and among supervisors and graduate students.

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Countries lived or worked in:

Dr. Brown has lived/worked in the U.S and Singapore.

Community projects

Dr. Brown is involved in developing a training program to help high school students become social entrepreneurs.

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