Branzan Albu, Alexandra

Associate Professor, Cross-Listed


Phone number: (250) 721-8681
Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research description:

- Computer vision
- Pattern recognition
- Medical imaging
- Human motion analysis and video understanding
- Human computer interaction and perceptual interfaces
- Virtual reality, modelling and simulation
Expertise Profile
We are still far from building a computer program that can recognize generic objects as well as our own eyes.

However, computer vision algorithms can recognize specific objects from images or video, such as human faces in a video or a still photograph.

Dr. Alexandra Branzan Albu studies computer vision, a branch of artificial intelligence that deals with visual perception. She is an associate professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Victoria.

Dr. Branzan Albu puts theory to applied use in interdisciplinary projects across campus.

She is currently collaborating with the Mountain Legacy Project, housed in the Department of Environmental Studies. Her team works on algorithms for the identification and quantification of changes in mountain landscape images.

A collaboration with NEPTUNE, UVic's underwater ocean observatory network, has algorithms that analyze hours of underwater video footage. Dr. Branzan Albu's program extracts events of interest, like animal motion, and labels them with time stamps for researchers to look at later.

Another project focuses on new directions for the analysis of image-laden, electronic business documents.

Some of Dr. Branzan Albu's past research includes algorithms for medical imaging and human motion analysis.

In the classroom, Branzan Albu emphasizes problem-based solving and experiential learning techniques with hands-on projects rather than tests. She is actively pursuing outreach activities dedicated to increasing women's presence in electrical engineering and computer science.

Dr. Branzan Albu explores ways to redesign engineering course curricula for international audiences.

PhD (Bucharest)

Health related research:

Dr. Branzan Albu studies gait analysis for abnormal event detection with applications to fall prevention for elderly health care; and development of algorithms for Computer-Aided Diagnosis and Image-Guided Surgery.


French, German, Romanian

Software development

Design of Human Computer Interfaces for Computer Vision Applications

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