Bramadat, Paul

Director, Centre for Studies in Religion and Society


Phone number: (250) 721-6325
Department: History

Research description:

- Religion and securitization post-9/11
- Religion and healthcare, including religion and vaccine rejection and religion and hospice palliative care
- Religion and ethnicity in Canada
- Globalization and the study of religion
- Religion and politics
- Religion and literature
- The role of religion in immigrant and refugee settlement in Canada
- Religious resistance to immunization

Expertise Profile
When Dr. Paul Bramadat listens to the radio or opens the newspaper in the morning, it's very rare that he doesn't find something he can talk about in his class or in his research centre that day.

Dr. Bramadat is the director of the Centre for Studies in Religion and Society (CSRS) and holds teaching appointments in the Department of History and the Religious Studies Major program at the University of Victoria.

Religion is everywhere lately, he says, especially in the news. In his classes, he tries to encourage students to think critically about events they may have heard about very casually.

Dr. Bramadat's research focuses on religious diversity in Canada, particularly the ways in which policies and public discourse frame religion. Trained in social scientific and humanities approaches to religion, he is interested in understanding religion against the broadest possible backdrop.

His current research interests include religion and healthcare, religion and security, and religion and diversity, mostly in the Canadian context.

One thing that fascinates him is that government policies relating to healthcare, security and diversity rely on particular and often problematic understandings of what it might mean for us to live in "secular" or "liberal" societies.

What society needs now, he says, are people able to talk about these kinds of issues in an open, intelligent way.

Dr. Bramadat considers the CSRS to be a good illustration of how people of different academic and religious backgrounds can talk seriously and constructively about the ways religion is changing and the many ways it continues to affect our societies. He hopes the discussions at the centre might lead to a better understanding of how to integrate religious diversity into our societies.

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