Bowman, Laurel

Assistant Professor


Phone number: (250) 721-8517
Department: Greek and Roman Studies

Research description:

- Ancient Greek literature, especially tragedy
- Classical mythology in popular culture
- Female-authored Greek poetry
- Ancient Greek literature and world on film
- Modern revisions of Greek literature
Expertise Profile
If ancient texts weren't still relevant today, we wouldn't be reading them.

The very fact that society still studies ancient Greek literature is proof of its lasting power, says Greek and Roman Studies assistant professor Dr. Laurel Bowman.

Her area of interest lies specifically in Greek tragedy, a genre she says has inspired countless other works of literature, right up to modern day film and television.

Dr. Bowman persistently highlights the role, or lack of one, of women, the construction of gender and the significance of that construction in any text she looks at.

Her most recent research project focuses on a recent translation of Homer's The Iliad by poet Alice Oswald. The poem concentrates only on the death scenes and the similes. Dr. Bowman argues that the translation highlights the depths of human sacrifice, torment and loss suffered by the foot-soldiers, and by their families and communities, as a result of the Trojan War.

Another research project focuses on the myth of the sacrificial virgin and its presence in pop culture, specifically the works of writer/director Joss Whedon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame.

She brings her research on Antigone or Electra into the classroom, where her enthusiasm for the subject matter is palpable.

Dr. Bowman's hope is that everyone comes out of her classes with a new filter to look at the stories they read, the films they watch and even the newspapers they pick up.

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The United States (California)


Latin, Ancient Greek, French and German (all but French reading only)

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