Bornemann, Jens

Chair, Professor


Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research description:

-RF/Wireless/microwave/millimetre wave components and system design
-Computer-aided analysis and design
-electromagnetic field modelling for modern integrated circuits and antennas
-Compatibility and interference
-Microwave and millimetre -wave devices
-Circuits and technologies
-Wireless communication systems
Expertise Profile
The next time you download a file, streamline a video or share a picture through your phone, think about how fast that information needs to travel before you get it.

Electrical engineer Jens Bornemann works with electromagnetic waves that carry those signals--notably, radio frequency,, wireless, microwave and millimetre waves.

He does so by designing antennas and the front-end components of all types of communication systems--such as satellites, radars, wireless devices and their base stations--and performs field simulations to ensure the waves are propagating the way they should be.

As more people rely on wireless communication systems, there will be a growing demand for more bandwidth to cope with the massive volume of information travelling through various network.

Dr. Bornemann is responding to this demand by designing different types of antennas, such as ultra-wide band ones, to allow people to communicate faster over shorter distances.

He is currently working in the higher frequency millimetre wave portion of the radio spectrum to design more efficient circuits in Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) technology, for antennas and feed networks.

Easy to manufacture and transplant in devices, SIW technology has potential applications in future handheld devices such as cell phones, base stations and auto-pilot cars.

Dr. Bornemann's enthusiasm for his field of study inspires engineering students, who consistently rate him at the top of the scale for teaching effectiveness. He supports theory with examples from his design practice and teaches students to explore the possibility of designing new technologies.

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International activities:

-Collaboration with research institutes/companies in Germany and Switzerland -Former collaboration with institutes in Australia and Japan.

Countries lived or worked in:

-Germany -Switzerland



Software development

We develop specialized numerical techniques to design RF/wireless/microwave/millimeter-wave components.

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