Ban, Natalie


Phone number: (250) 853-3569
Department: School of Environmental Studies

Research description:

- Conservation biology
- Conservation planning and implementation
- Ethnoecology
- Evaluation and mapping of cumulative impacts
- Marine and coastal systems
- Marine spatial planning

Expertise Profile
Dr. Natalie Ban is searching for the balance between the need for conserving marine biodiversity and meeting the needs of human communities.

Part of her research involves identifying which coastal areas need the most protection. The professor in environmental studies, along with her research team at UVic, is designing marine parks - or marine protected areas - to preserve ecosystems in the ocean and enable sustainable use.

Dr. Ban is part of the science advisory committee for the Marine Planning Partnership - a collaboration between the province of British Columbia and 20 First Nation members. Some of her research is done in partnership with Indigenous communities on the coast of British Columbia, who sometimes still rely on land and sea for food resources. Her research informs policy on the best practices to ensure resources will continue to last for future generations.

Dr. Ban's work also reaches the shores of other countries such as Indonesia and Australia, where she gets to identify ecologically significant areas that need conservation. Doing international research gives her insight on how to improve marine protection locally.

Dr. Ban teaches a field course where students can not only experience first-hand the issues facing coastal communities and marine conservation, but also undertake projects that can contribute to real-life conservation.

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