Ault, Joshua

Assistant Professor


Phone number: (250) 472-5349
Department: Business

Research description:

- Microfinance (the supply of financial services to individual entrepreneurs and small businesses, which lack access to traditional methods)
- Base of the pyramid
- Less-developed countries
Expertise Profile
There are many tools to solving the problem of global poverty.

Dr. Josh Ault teaches that business can and should be one of them.

His research examines the financial and social challenges of conducting business in the world's poorest countries. A professor of international business with the University of Victoria's Gustavson School of Business, Dr. Ault focuses on the microfinance industry.

Microfinance lending has grown globally and become one of the few business models to successfully penetrate developing markets on a large scale. The industry gives out small loans to poor entrepreneurs so they can pull themselves out of poverty.

Dr. Ault applies the theories and method of international business to find where microfinance works best in the fight against global poverty.

His research has taken him to Africa and India, but it is at Gustavson that he can share his knowledge with students and give them the tools to make a world of difference.

In the classroom, Dr. Ault teaches sustainability and social responsibility. Students are assigned roles as poor people, lenders, and venture capitalists, and then debate the pressing issues of international business - including microfinance.

"My objective is to extend what we learn from microfinance to other industries," he says. "Those lessons could make it possible - and profitable - to provide essential goods and services to the poor in less-developed countries."

Ideally, Dr. Ault hopes his research will help governments, agencies and individuals understand when and where the commercial approach or the non-profit approach is most likely to succeed in helping fight poverty.

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