Alexandrowicz, Conrad

Assistant Professor


Phone number: (250) 853-3727
Department: Theatre

Research description:

- Directing, acting and choreography
- Physical theatre
- Exploring topics on relationships, gender and power, and the nature of the performance event
- Dance-based performances with elements of theatre
- Theatre-based performances with significant movement components

Expertise Profile
Writer, director and choreographer Conrad Alexandrowicz thinks of his work as theatrical storytelling with the body.

As a professor of physical theatre and a former dancer, Prof. Alexandrowicz teaches movement for actors in the theatre department.

His areas of research and creative activity involve the blending of dance and theatre to create an interdisciplinary live performance. His work has been presented widely across Canada, in New York City, France and the U.K and he is the artistic founder of Wild Excursions Performance in Vancouver.

After the curtain rose on The Singer Falls Silent in 2003, a performance piece that won the Critics' Choice Innovation Award the following year, Prof. Alexandrowicz was credited for his skill in using elements of theatre and dance to story-tell.

In a society that relies so much on text, Prof. Alexandrowicz wants to show possibilities for new kinds of expression so that people can appreciate the nuances of body movement beyond the context of competitive sports.

Prof. Alexandrowicz is particularly interested in looking at text that include scripts, musical lyrics and poems, and working with performers to bring them to life on stage.

He is collaborating with famed Canadian poets, Lorna Crozier and Erin Moure, as well as Alexandra Pohran Dawkins, an oboist and head of Woodwins at the School of Music, on a project that involves staging a two-act work in Vancouver for six actors, two dancers and two musicians. It will be composed of pieces using texts by both Crozier and Moure.

A short film based on an excerpt from one of these works is forthcoming.

His passion for crossing disciplinary boundaries and his use of comedy to reach audiences inspire his students to try different creative possibilities.

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