Adjin-Tettey, Elizabeth

Professor and Associate Dean, Administration and Research


Phone number: (250) 721-8182
Department: Faculty of Law

Research description:

- Torts, specifically personal and fatal injuries
- Critical race and feminist theory
- Effect of laws on marginalized groups and individuals
- Judicial and government responses to claims of institutional abuse, special focus on Indigenous residential school survivors
- Remedies for personal and fatal injuries focusing on issues of inequalities in the assessment of damages for claimants from disadvantaged backgrounds
Expertise Profile
The law is not a set of arbitrary rules; it applies to living, breathing human subjects.

Dr. Elizabeth Adjin-Tettey studies how those subjects are sometimes treated differently under the law.

She focuses on marginalized groups such as women, racialized and Indigenous peoples and their treatment in private law cases. Private law refers to cases such as personal injury claims and insurance claims, those not involving the state.

In the case of insurance, Dr. Adjin-Tettey has looked into specific cases of domestic violence where the family home is burnt down and the victim can't claim their insurance because spouses are seen as co-insurers.

In her study of personal injury claims, Dr. Adjin-Tettey focuses on how the courts decide on remedies, which are what the injured party is entitled to as compensation.

One recent project looks at sexual assault claims and how they tend to be treated differently than other personal injury claims. In these cases, sexual assault claims often result in psychological injury but victims tend to be compensated less compared to those who suffer physical injuries. Why is that and how can it change?

Dr. Adjin-Tettey's research is directly related to the classes she teaches and she often brings in her own work to class.

In the classroom, her mantra is, "Let's not only talk about what the law is but who it affects and whether or not it actually is making a difference in people's lives."

Dr. Adjin-Tettey is the Associate Dean, Administration and Research in the Faculty of Law at the University of Victoria.

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