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Lorna Crozier

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Lorna Crozier
Distinguished Professor, Doctor of Laws (from the
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Languages: English

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Researching background information, including historical and geographical documents, for the writing of books of poetry and nonfiction.

Interdisciplinary Research

The above requires all kinds of interdisciplinary research and collaborations. For example, my poems have been set to music by composers and have been used as the inspiration for visual artwork. I am presently collaborating with a geographer on the effect of place on poetry.

Research Keywords

Community Interaction

Community Projects

My research involves paying attention to the images of the place I live in (sounds, sights, smells) to incorporate into whatever I am writing, whether it be poetry, my major genre, or essays.

International Involvement

General International Activities

I have been a guest of several international literary festivals, including in South Africa, Chile, Malaysia, France and Australia. I read my poetry there and participate in panels or give talks on poetry in Canada.