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Robert Steacy

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Robert Steacy
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Languages: English, can read technical documents in French
Mathematics & Statistics

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Mathematics with Medical Applications
Digital Signal Processing, especially Denoising of Signals
Optimal motion control and path planning
Laser Scanners
Lidar (light detection and ranging), digital terrain modelling, digital elevation modelling
Aerial Digital Photography
Nonrelativistic Corrections to Newton's Inverse-Square Law of Gravitation

Interdisciplinary Research

Applied Mathematics - Engineering

Health Related Research

Inventor of windowing functions with maximum contrast ratio, which can be used to produce crisper, clearer medical images, e.g. CT, MRI, ultrasound and mammograms.

Research Keywords

Community Interaction

Community Collaborations

I have completed numerous projects for several high-technology firms which are located here on Vancouver Island, on behalf of their clients who are located on all seven continents. These projects usually involve solving an applied mathematics problem in a real-world or engineering setting. Usually, the firm has exhausted all of its contacts in Asia, Europe and North America and has concluded that the problem is unsolvable. These solutions permit these firms to compete globally and hire locally, including several hundred graduates of both the University of Victoria and Camosun College.