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Communications + Marketing - University of Victoria

University Communications + Marketing


Marketing expertise to achieve your goals

A strategic approach to marketing is a key element in achieving your objectives, whether they're enrolment, fundraising or simply awareness-related.

Strategic marketing

Helping you reach your target audience online

Your online presence is a key part of your communications strategy, and we want to help you make it the most effective tool possible for the audiences you need to reach.

Web services

Keeping UVic connected to the community

We collaborate with other units on campus and members of the media in order to promote UVic's reputation locally, provincially and globally.

Media relations

Professional photography at your fingertips

From professional photo shoots to stock UVic photography, our photographers are on campus, on scene, and happy to consult with you regarding your image requirements.

Photo Services

We're here to help

We provide strong strategic leadership and effective tactical support to the university and its main components in the areas of communications and marketing.