UVic expertise database

Archived information

August 2017: The information contained within the UVic expertise database is for archival purposes only and some data may be missing or out-of-date.  It is recommended that users utilize the UVic search function to obtain the desired information they are seeking.  A project is currently underway to replace this database - further details to follow.

Welcome to the UVic expertise database, designed to give you access to the wealth of expertise that the University of Victoria has to offer. This database is extensive, but it doesn't include all faculty members or every area of expertise at UVic. If you can't find the information you need in this database, we encourage you to contact us.

Opinions expressed by researchers are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the University of Victoria.

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Adam, Martin Pacific and Asian Studies
Adams, Michael Electrical and Computer Engineering
Adjin-Tettey, Elizabeth Faculty of Law
Agathoklis, Panajotis Electrical and Computer Engineering
Albert, Justin
Alexander, Vikky Visual Arts
Alexandrowicz, Conrad Theatre
Allen, Geraldine Biology
Anglin, James Child and Youth Care
Anholt, Bradley Biology
Anthony, Robert Curriculum and Instruction
Antliff, Allan History in Art
Antoniou, Andreas Electrical and Computer Engineering
Aragon, Janni Political Science
Archibald, John Faculty of Humanities
Atkinson, David Geography
Ault, Joshua Business
Ausio, Juan Biochemistry and Microbiology
Baboula, Evanthia History in Art
Babul, Arif Physics & Astronomy
Baer, Douglas Sociology
Baillargeon, Gerald English
Bakvis, Herman Public Administration
Ball, Jessica Child and Youth Care
Ban, Natalie School of Environmental Studies
Banerjee, Sikata Women\'s Studies
Baniasadi, Amirali Electrical and Computer Engineering
Banister, Elizabeth School of Nursing
Bardal, Stanley Medical Sciences
Barnes, Gordon Child and Youth Care
Baskerville, Peter History
Baum, Julia Biology
Beam, Sara History
Begoray, Deborah Curriculum and Instruction
Bengtson, Susan Business
Bennett, Colin Political Science
Benoit, Cecilia Sociology
Bergland, Donald Curriculum and Instruction
Bertoni, Katherine Nursing
Best, Mairi School of Earth & Ocean Sciences
Bhiladvala, Rustom Mechanical Engineering
Biddiscombe, A History
Bird, Sonya Linguistics
Biro, Daniel Music
Black, Timothy Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies
Blackstone, Sarah Theatre
Blades, David Curriculum and Instruction
Blank, G. English
Blue, Gregory History
Boag, David Business
Bohne, Cornelia Chemistry
Bonner, Michelle Political Science
Boraston, Alisdair Biochemistry and Microbiology
Borchers, Christoph Biochemistry and Microbiology
Bornemann, Jens Electrical and Computer Engineering
Borrows, John Faculty of Law
Borycki, Elizabeth Nursing
Bose, Christopher Mathematics & Statistics
Boudreault-Fournier, Alexandrine Anthropology
Boulanger, Martin Biochemistry and Microbiology
Bowman, Laurel Greek and Roman Studies
Boyd, Susan Studies in Policy & Practice
Boyer, Wanda Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies
Boyle, Patrick Music
Bradley, Colin Mechanical Engineering
Bradley, Maureen Writing
Bradley, Nicholas English
Bramadat, Paul History
Brannen, Mary Yoko Business
Branzan Albu, Alexandra Electrical and Computer Engineering
Briggs, Alexander Chemistry
Brimacombe, Caroline Anna Psychology
Brolo, Alexandre Chemistry
Brown, Craig
Brown, Graham Business
Brown, Leslie School of Social Work
Bruce, Winnifred Anne School of Nursing
Brunet-Jailly, Emmanuel Public Administration
Brunt, John
Bryant, Daniel Pacific and Asian Studies
Bryden, Penny History
Bub, Daniel Psychology
Buckham, Bradley Mechanical Engineering
Budney, Ryan Mathematics & Statistics
Burford, Neil Chemistry
Burke, R. Brendan Greek and Roman Studies
Burke, Robert Biochemistry and Microbiology
Butler-Palmer, Carolyn
Butt, Leslie Pacific and Asian Studies
Butterfield, Benjamin Music
Butterfield, Jane Mathematics & Statistics
Cacchioni, Thea Women\'s Studies
Cai, Lin Electrical and Computer Engineering
Calder, Gillian Faculty of Law
Cameron, Caroline Biochemistry and Microbiology
Cameron, Margaret
Canessa, Rosaline Geography
Canil, Dante School of Earth & Ocean Sciences
Carriere, Jeannine School of Social Work
Carroll, William Sociology
Carson, Luke English
Casiro, Oscar Medical Sciences
Cassels, James Faculty of Law
Casswell, Donald Faculty of Law
Caws, Catherine French
Cazes, Helene French
Celona, John Music
Chalykoff, Lisa
Chan, Kathryn Faculty of Law
Chapman, Alison English
Chappell, Neena Aging, Centre on
Chen, Zhongping History
Cheng, Mantis Computer Science
Choi, Byoung-Chul Physics & Astronomy
Chow, Robert Biology
Choy, Francis Y M Biology
Christie, Brian Biology
Clarke, Judith Economics
Clarke, Marlea Political Science
Cleves, Rachel History
Cloutier Fisher, Denise Aging, Centre on
Clover, Darlene Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies
Coady, Yvonne Computer Science
Code, Jillianne Curriculum and Instruction
Cohen, Boyd Business
Colas Cardona, Silvia Hispanic and Italian Studies
Colby, Jason History
Colgate, Mark Business
Constabel, C. Peter Biology
Constantinescu, Daniela Mechanical Engineering
Coogan, Laurence School of Earth & Ocean Sciences
Cook, Peter History
Corntassel, Jeff Indigenous Governance Program
Corwin, Vivien Business
Costa, Maycira Geography
Courtney, Karen School of Health Information Science
Courty, Pascal Business
Crawford, Curran Mechanical Engineering
Creasey, David Biology
Crippen, Carolyn
Crozier, Lorna Writing
Cullen, Jay School of Earth & Ocean Sciences
Curran, Deborah Faculty of Law
Cutler, A. Claire Political Science
Czaykowska-Higgins, Ewa Linguistics
Dalton, Robert Curriculum and Instruction
Damian, Daniela Computer Science
Danis, Wade Business
Darcie, Thomas Electrical and Computer Engineering
D'Arcy, Alexandra Faculty of Humanities
Darimont, Christopher Geography
Dastmalchian, Ali Business
Davies, Elizabeth Nursing
Davis, Corey Libraries, Systems Services
Davis, Evelyn
Davis, William Josiah
Dawson, Teresa Geography
de Alba-Koch, Beatriz Hispanic and Italian Studies
de Finney, Sandrina Child and Youth Care
de Rosenroll, David
de Sousa, Rogerio Physics & Astronomy
Dean, Misao English
Dearden, Philip Geography
Dechev, Nikolai Mechanical Engineering
Deckha, Maneesha Faculty of Law
Delaney, Kerry Biology
Dempsey, Jessica School of Environmental Studies
Denman, Kenneth School of Earth & Ocean Sciences
Devereaux, Simon History
Devor, Aaron Sociology
Dhamoon, Rita Political Science
Diacu, Florin Mathematics & Statistics
Dimopoulos, Nikitas Electrical and Computer Engineering
Djilali, Nedjib Mechanical Engineering
Dobson, Warwick Theatre
Docherty, David School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Ed
Dong, Xiaodai Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dong, Zuomin Mechanical Engineering
Dopp, James English
Dost, Sadik Mechanical Engineering
Dower, John Biology
Dowling, Eugene Music
Downey, Angela Accounting
Doyle, Susan English
Driessen, Peter Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dukes, Peter Mathematics & Statistics
Edwards, Anthony English
Edwards, Roderick Mathematics & Statistics
Ehlting, Barbara Biology
Ehlting, Juergen Biology
Ehrenberg, Marion Psychology
Eisenberg, Avigail Political Science
Ekeltchik, Serguei History
El-Sabaawi, Rana Biology
Elangovan, A Business
Ellerbeck, Erin English
Elliott-Goldschmid, Ann Music
Ellison, Sara Physics & Astronomy
Emerson, Heath Mathematics & Statistics
Emme, Michael Curriculum and Instruction
Engineer, Merwan Economics
Esling, John Linguistics
Evans, Stephen Biochemistry and Microbiology
Evers-Fahey, Karen Nursing
Farnham, Martin Economics
Ferguson, Gerard Faculty of Law
Fillion, Michelle Music
Fischer, Benedikt Sociology
Fitzsimmons, Stacey Business
Flaherty, Mark Geography
Foster, Harold Geography
Fox, Barbara School of Nursing
France-Rodriguez, M. Honore Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies
France, Yasuko Pacific and Asian Studies
Francis Pelton, Leslee Curriculum and Instruction
Frank, Natia Chemistry
Frisch, Noreen
Fromet de Rosnay, Emile French
Fulton, Gordon English
Fyles, Thomas Chemistry
Gair, Jane Medical Sciences
Galang, Maria Carmen Business
Gallins, Glenn
Galloway, J Donald Faculty of Law
Ganley, Dale Business
Ganti, Sudhakar Computer Science
Garcia-Barrera, Mauricio Psychology
Garlick, Stephen Sociology
Garrett, Christopher Physics & Astronomy
Gartrell, Christopher David Sociology
Gaston, William Writing
Gaul, Catherine School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Ed
Gauthier, Melissa Anthropology
Gebali, Fayez Electrical and Computer Engineering
Gebhard, Fran Theatre
German, Daniel Computer Science
Gibbons, Sandra School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Ed
Gifford, James English
Gifford, Robert School of Environmental Studies
Giles, David Economics
Gillen, Mark Faculty of Law
Gillis, Kathryn Earth and Ocean Sciences
Glezos, Simon Political Science
Goldman, Jonathan Music
Golz, Peter Germanic and Slavic Studies
Good, David Public Administration
Gordon, Reuven Electrical and Computer Engineering
Gounko, Tatiana Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies
Graham, Christopher Business
Graham, Robert Curriculum and Instruction
Grant, M. L. Mariel History
Grant, Rebecca Business
Green, Jacquie School of Social Work
Gregory, Patrick Biology
Grossi, Joseph English
Grouzet, Frederick Psychology
Grove-White, Elizabeth English
Gugl, Elisabeth Economics
Gulliver, Thomas Electrical and Computer Engineering
Gupta, Rishi Mechanical Engineering
Gutberlet, Jutta Geography
Haddow, James Mechanical Engineering
Hadwin, Allyson Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies
Haist, Yvonne School of Social Work
Hall, Budd Public Administration
Hallgrimsdottir, Helga Sociology
Hamme, Roberta Earth and Ocean Sciences
Hammond, Mitchell History
Hancock, Trevor Public Health & Social Policy
Harding, Catherine History in Art
Hardy, Linda Theatre
Harrington, David Chemistry
Harrison, Gina Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies
Harvey, C Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies
Haskett, Timothy History
Hayes, Michael Geography
Helbing, Caren Biochemistry and Microbiology
Henderson, Lee Writing
Herique, Emmanuel French
Herring, Rodney Mechanical Engineering
Herwig, Falk Physics & Astronomy
Hicks, Robin Chemistry
Hier, Sean Sociology
Higgins, Iain English
Higgs, Eric School of Environmental Studies
Highbaugh Aloni, Pamela Music
Hoefer, Wolfgang Electrical and Computer Engineering
Hoekstra, Hendrik Physics & Astronomy
Hof, Fraser Chemistry
Hofer, Scott Psychology
Hoffman, Daniel Computer Science
Holder, Cindy Indigenous Governance Program
Holmberg, Ingrid Greek and Roman Studies
Holroyd, Clay Psychology
Hood, Joanna Music
Hopper, Timothy School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Ed
Hore, Dennis Chemistry
Horspool, R Computer Science
Hoskins, Marie Child and Youth Care
Howard, Lloyd Hispanic and Italian Studies
Howard, Perry Biology
Howell, Robert Faculty of Law
Huang, Jing Mathematics & Statistics
Hume, Stephen Economics
Hundza, Sandra Biomedical Research
Huntley, Susan
Hurren, Wanda Curriculum and Instruction
Hutchinson, Emma Economics
Ibrahim, Slim
Iles, Timothy Pacific and Asian Studies
Irvine, Valerie Curriculum and Instruction
Iverson, Scott Mechanical Engineering
Jackson, Lillanne Computer Science
Jackson, Lorna Writing
Jacobs, Peter Linguistics
James, Matt Political Science
Jeffery, Donna School of Social Work
Jelinski, Dennis
Jenstad, Janelle English
Jirasek, Andrew Physics & Astronomy
Johnson, Rebecca Faculty of Law
Johnston, Stephen School of Earth & Ocean Sciences
Juanes, Francis Biology
Jun, Martin Mechanical Engineering
Juniper, Stanley Biology
Kadlec, Helena Psychology
Kapron, Bruce Computer Science
Karlen, Dean Physics & Astronomy
Kay, Magdalena English
Keeler, Richard Physics & Astronomy
Kellan, Kurt Music
Keller, C. Peter Geography
Kelly, Erin English
Kennedy, Peter Economics
Kerby-Fulton, Kathryn English
Kerns, Kimberly Psychology
Kerr, Kevin Writing
Kerr, Mary Theatre
Kim, Mijung Curriculum and Instruction
Kimura, Mika Pacific and Asian Studies
King, Hubert Mechanical Engineering
King, Richard Pacific and Asian Studies
King, Valerie Computer Science
Kirk, Peter Medical Sciences
Kirlin, R. Lynn Electrical and Computer Engineering
Klein, Saul Business
Klimstra, Marc School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Ed
Kluge, Eike-Henner Philosophy
Klymak, Jody Physics & Astronomy
Kobayashi, Karen Sociology
Kodar, Freya Faculty of Law
Koop, Ben Biology
Kostek, Patricia Music
Kovtun, Pavlo Physics & Astronomy
Krawitz, Adam Psychology
Krebs, Harald Music
Krigolson, Olave School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Ed
Kroker, Arthur Political Science
Kron, Geoffrey Engineering
Kuchar, Gary English
Kuehne, Valerie Child and Youth Care
Kukkonen, Taneli Philosophy
Kurki, Helen Anthropology
Kushniruk, Andre School of Health Information Science
Kwok, Harry Electrical and Computer Engineering
Laca, Marcelo Mathematics & Statistics
Lacourse, Terri Biology
Lalonde, Christopher Psychology
Langer, Monika Philosophy
Langford, John Public Administration
Lantz, Trevor School of Environmental Studies
Lapprand, Marc French
Laskarin, Daniel Visual Arts
Lau, Francis School of Health Information Science
Lauzon, Lara School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Ed
Lawrence, Michelle Faculty of Law
Lawson, James Political Science
Leach, David Writing
Leadbeater, Bonnie Psychology
Lefebvre, Michel Physics & Astronomy
Leger, Catherine French
Lepp, Annalee Women\'s Studies
Lesperance, Mary Mathematics & Statistics
Lessard, Hester Faculty of Law
Leung, Aegean Oi Kam Business
Lewis, Susan Music
Li, Kin Electrical and Computer Engineering
Lilburn, Tim Writing
Lin, Hua Linguistics
Lin, Tsung-Cheng Pacific and Asian Studies
Lindgren, Allana Theatre
Lindquist, Evert Public Administration
Lindsay, Donald Psychology
Lipson, Robert
Little, Warren Electrical and Computer Engineering
Littlewood, Cedric Greek and Roman Studies
Livingston, Nigel Centre for Forest Biology
Lorenzi, Daniela Hispanic and Italian Studies
Lu, Tao Electrical and Computer Engineering
Lu, Wu-Sheng Electrical and Computer Engineering
Lutz, John History
Ma, Junling Mathematics & Statistics
MacDonald, Scott School of Health Information Science
MacDonald, Stuart Aging, Centre on
MacGillivray, Gary Mathematics & Statistics
MacGregor, James Public Administration
MacKenzie, Patricia School of Social Work
Mackie, Quentin Anthropology
MacKinnon, Karen Nursing
Macleod, Colin Philosophy
MacLeod, Joan Writing
Macoun, Sarah Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies
Magnuson, Douglas Child and Youth Care
Magnusson, Warren Political Science
Mainprize, Brent Business
Maki, Mia Business
Mallidou, Anastasia Aging, Centre on
Maloney, Maureen Faculty of Law
Manning, Eric Electrical and Computer Engineering
Marcellus, Lenora Nursing
Marcy, Richard Public Administration
Marks, Lynne History
Marshall, E. Anne Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies
Martin, Joan Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies
Martin, Michele
Marton, Andrew Pacific and Asian Studies
Masson, Michael Psychology
Mateer, Catherine Psychology
Matilpi, Maxine Faculty of Law
Matwychuk, Margo Anthropology
Mazumder, Asit Biology
McBurney, W. Kurt Medical Sciences
McCaffrey, Shanne Child and Youth Care
McCann, Lawrence Geography
McCutcheon, David Business
McDonald, Carol School of Nursing
McDonough, Graham Curriculum and Instruction
McDorman, Theodore Faculty of Law
McGhie-Richmond, Donna Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies
McGinnis-Archibald, Martha Linguistics
McGowan, Patrick
McGregor, Catherine Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies
McGuire, Erin-Lee Anthropology
McGuire, Michael Electrical and Computer Engineering
McGuire, Peter
McIndoe, J. Scott Chemistry
McIvor, Onowa Curriculum and Instruction
McKenzie, Andrea History
McKercher, Brian History
McLarty, Lianne History in Art
McLean, Murdith Studies in Religion and Society
McMahon, Martha Aging, Centre on
Meigs, Sandra Visual Arts
Meldrum, John School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Ed
M'Gonigle, R. Michael Faculty of Law
Miles, Robert English
Miller, D Michael Computer Science
Miller, Eric English
Miller, Pamela
Milwright, Marcus History in Art
Mitchell, John Allan English
Mitchell, Lisa Anthropology
Moir van Iersel, Cheryl School of Social Work
Monahan, Adam School of Earth & Ocean Sciences
Moosa-Mitha, Mehmoona School of Social Work
More, Bruce Music
Moreau, Jeannine School of Nursing
Morell, Kristin Earth and Ocean Sciences
Mosk, Carl Economics
Moss, Pamela Studies in Policy & Practice
Mueller, Ulrich Psychology
Mughan, Terence Business
Muller, Hans Computer Science
Myrvold, Wendy Computer Science
Nadler, Ben Mechanical Engineering
Nahachewsky, James Curriculum and Instruction
Nahirney, Patrick Medical Sciences
Nair, Sudhir Business
Nam, Sanghoon Business
Nandi, Subhasis Electrical and Computer Engineering
Nano, Francis Biochemistry and Microbiology
Nashmi, Raad Biology
Nassaji, Hossein Linguistics
Nathoo, Farouk Mathematics & Statistics
Navarro, Julio Physics & Astronomy
Naylor, Patti-Jean School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Ed
Neander, Wendy Nursing
Nelson, Christopher Biochemistry and Microbiology
Nelson, Trisalyn Geography
Neville, Stephen Electrical and Computer Engineering
Newcombe, Andrew Faculty of Law
Ney, Tara Public Administration
Ng, Ignace Business
Niang, Sada French
Nichols, Douglas School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Ed
Noro, Hiroko Pacific and Asian Studies
Nowell, April Anthropology
Nowlin, Michael English
O'Bonsawin, Christine History
O'Brien, Martha Faculty of Law
Oleson, John Greek and Roman Studies
Oshkai, Peter Mechanical Engineering
Oshkai, Svetlana Mathematics & Statistics
Ostry, Aleck
Owens, Cameron Geography
Paci, Irina
Page, Louise Biology
Pan, Jianping Computer Science
Papadopoulos, Christo Electrical and Computer Engineering
Parisi, Laura Women\'s Studies
Parker, Simon
Parsons, Joseph Psychology
Pattullo, Heather
Pauly, Bernie Nursing
Pearson, Terry Biochemistry and Microbiology
Pedersen, Thomas School of Earth & Ocean Sciences
Pelton, Timothy Curriculum and Instruction
Pence, Alan Child and Youth Care
Penning, Margaret Aging, Centre on
Peredo, Ana Maria Anthropology
Perlman, Steven Biology
Piccinin, Andrea Psychology
Pickard, Richard English
Pirie, Andrew Faculty of Law
Pnevmonidou, Elena Germanic and Slavic Studies
Pohran-Dawkins, Alexandra Music
Pollard, Matthew Germanic and Slavic Studies
Popadiuk, Natalee Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies
Pospelova, Vera School of Earth & Ocean Sciences
Poulton, M. Cody Pacific and Asian Studies
Preece, Alison Curriculum and Instruction
Prendergast, Monica Curriculum and Instruction
Pressitch, Olga Germanic and Slavic Studies
Price, Jason Curriculum and Instruction
Price, John History
Pritchet, Christopher Physics & Astronomy
Protti, Denis School of Health Information Science
Provan, James Mechanical Engineering
Prowse, Terry
Purkis, Mary Ellen School of Nursing
Putnam, Ian Mathematics & Statistics
Quas, Anthony Mathematics & Statistics
Rabillard, Sheila English
Rajala, Richard History
Rakhmatov, Daler Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ranger, Louis Music
Ranson, Heather Business
Raptis, Helen Curriculum and Instruction
Raven, Michael Philosophy
Raworth, Rebecca Medical Sciences
Reimchen, Thomas Biology
Restrepo-Gautier, Pablo Hispanic and Italian Studies
Rhodes, Ryan Aging, Centre on
Richardson, Catherine
Richmond, Brian Theatre
Riddington, Nozomi Pacific and Asian Studies
Riecken, Ted Curriculum and Instruction
Ritz, Adam Physics & Astronomy
Rizeanu, Sorin Business
Roberts, Jillian Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies
Robinson, Lara Psychology
Rochtchina, Ioulia Germanic and Slavic Studies
Rodgers, Julie Psychology
Rodriguez de France, Maria Curriculum and Instruction
Romaniuk, Paul Biochemistry and Microbiology
Ronaldson, Sharon
Rondeau, Daniel Economics
Roney, J. Michael Physics & Astronomy
Rose-Redwood, CindyAnn Curriculum and Instruction
Rose-Redwood, Reuben Geography
Rosenberg, Lisa Chemistry
Ross, Stephen English
Rossi, Elena Hispanic and Italian Studies
Roth, Eric Anthropology
Roth, Wolff-Michael Curriculum and Instruction
Rowe, Arthur Music
Rowe, Gregory Greek and Roman Studies
Rowe, James
Rowlatt, Don
Roy, Nilanjana Economics
Roy, Real Biology
Rudnyckyj, Daromir Anthropology
Runions, Kevin Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies
Runtz, Marsha Psychology
Ruskey, Frank Computer Science
Russek, Dan Hispanic and Italian Studies
Ryan, Maureen School of Nursing
Sager, Eric History
Sanford, Katherine Curriculum and Instruction
Sangster-Gormley, Esther Nursing
Sanseverino, Mary Computer Science
Saunders, Greg Child and Youth Care
Saunders, Thomas History
Saxon, Leslie Linguistics
Sayers, Jentery English
Scaia, Margaret Nursing
Schaafsma, Joseph Economics
Schaarschmidt, Gunter Germanic and Slavic Studies
Schaefer, Valentin School of Environmental Studies
Schallie, Charlotte Germanic and Slavic Studies
Scharien, Randall Geography
Schloss, W. Andrew Computer Science
Schmidtke, Oliver History
Schuetze, Herbert Economics
Schuetze, Ulf Germanic and Slavic Studies
Schuler, Robert
Schure, Paul Economics
Scobie, Robin School of Nursing
Scott, Daniel Child and Youth Care
Secchi, Enrico Business
Serra, Micaela Computer Science
Shaw, Karena School of Environmental Studies
Sheets, Debra School of Nursing
Shen, Yan Business
Shi, Linda Business
Shi, Yang Mechanical Engineering
Shlensky, Lincoln English
Shoja, Gholamali Computer Science
Shukin, Nicole English
Siemens, Lynne Business
Siemens, Raymond English
Sima, Mihai Electrical and Computer Engineering
Simmons, Jill Mathematics & Statistics
Smart, Colette Psychology
Smith, Andre Sociology
Smith, J. Brock Business
Smith, Martin Psychology
So, Poman Electrical and Computer Engineering
Sourour, Ahmed Mathematics & Statistics
Springer, Simon Geography
Srinivasan, Venkatesh Computer Science
St. Peter, Christine Women\'s Studies
Stahl, Ann Anthropology
Stajduhar, Kelli Aging, Centre on
Stanger-Ross, Jordan History
Stanis, Sharon
Starzomski, Brian School of Environmental Studies
Starzomski, Rosalie School of Nursing
Steacy, Robert Mathematics & Statistics
Steeves, Geoffrey Physics & Astronomy
Stege, Ulrike Computer Science
Stewart, Kenneth Economics
Stewart, Rosa Hispanic and Italian Studies
Stillwell, Jennifer Visual Arts
Stinson, Danu Psychology
Stockwell, Timothy Psychology
Storey, Margaret-Anne Computer Science
Strega, Susan School of Social Work
Struchtrup, Henning Mechanical Engineering
Stuart-Hill, Lynneth School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Ed
Stuchly, Maria Electrical and Computer Engineering
Suleman, Afzal Mechanical Engineering
Surridge, Lisa English
Swayne, Leigh Anne Biology
Swift, Megan Germanic and Slavic Studies
Szakacs, Ajtony Csaba Music
Talmon-Gros Artz, Sibylle Child and Youth Care
Tanaka, James Psychology
Tanaka, Michele Curriculum and Instruction
Tang, Karen Pacific and Asian Studies
Tapley, Heather Women\'s Studies
Tasker, Susan Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies
Tax, Stephen Business
Taylor, Duncan School of Environmental Studies
Taylor, John Biology
Taylor, Roberta School of Social Work
Taylor, Stuart Martin Geography
Tedds, Lindsay Public Administration
Teghtsoonian, Katherine Faculty of Human and Social Development
Temple, Viviene School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Ed
Teuton, Christopher
Thom, Brian Anthropology
Thomas, Robina School of Social Work
Thomo, Imir Computer Science
Thornicroft, Kenneth Business
Thorson, Helga Germanic and Slavic Studies
Thoun, Deborah
Tian, Jun Pacific and Asian Studies
Tiedje, Thomas Mechanical Engineering
Tobin, Ruth Ann Curriculum and Instruction
Tollefson, Christopher Faculty of Law
Tory, Melanie Computer Science
Traore, Issa Electrical and Computer Engineering
Trifkovic, Mak
Tschanz, Coby
Tuller, Stanton Geography
Tully, James Philosophy
Tunnicliffe, Verena Biology
Tuokko, Holly Aging, Centre on
Turner, Nancy Biology
Tzanetakis, George Computer Science
Upton, Christopher Biochemistry and Microbiology
Urbanczyk, Suzanne Linguistics
Vahabpour Roudsari, Abdollah School of Health Information Science
Vakil, Thea Business
Valente, Michael Business
van den Driessche, Pauline Mathematics & Statistics
van Kooten, Gerrit Mechanical Engineering
Van Luven, M. Lynne Writing
van Oort, Richard English
van Veggel, Franciscus Chemistry
Varela, Diana Biology
Vautier, Marie English
Venn, Kimberley Physics & Astronomy
Verdun, Amy Political Science
Vibert, Elizabeth History
Vickery, Anthony Theatre
Victorino, Liana
Volpe, John School of Environmental Studies
Wadge, William Computer Science
Walde, Christine McPherson Library
Walde, Paul Visual Arts
Waldron, Mary Anne Faculty of Law
Walker, Ian Geography
Walker, Robert Political Science
Walsh, Andrea Anthropology
Walsh, John Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies
Walshaw, Jillian
Wan, Peter Chemistry
Warburton, Rebecca Public Administration
Watson, Scott Political Science
Waziyatawin, . Indigenous Governance Program
Webb, Michael Political Science
Webber, Jeremy Faculty of Law
Weber, Jens-Holger
Welling, Linda Economics
Welsh, Christine Women\'s Studies
Wender, Andrew History
Wenger, Howard School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Ed
Wharf Higgins, S Joan School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Ed
White, Jennifer Child and Youth Care
Whitesides, Sue Computer Science
Whiticar, Michael Geography
Wickwire, Wendy History
Wiebe, Michelle Curriculum and Instruction
Wild, Peter Mechanical Engineering
Willerth, Stephanie Mechanical Engineering
Williams Boyarin, Adrienne English
Willis, Jon Physics & Astronomy
Willmore, Christopher Economics
Wilson, Jeremy Political Science
Wilson, Margot Anthropology
Wise, Jennifer Theatre
Wolfe, Richard Business
Wood, Jan Theatre
Wood, Paul History
Woodcock, Scott Philosophy
Woodin, Erica Psychology
Woods, Lawrence Political Science
Wright, Astri History in Art
Wright, Ronald School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Ed
Wu, Guoguang History
Wu, Kui Computer Science
Wu, Zheng Sociology
Wulff, Jeremy Chemistry
Wyatt, Victoria History in Art
Wyeth, Margaret Mathematics & Statistics
Wyvill, Brian Computer Science
Xiang, Ming
Xu, Feng Political Science
Yap, Audrey Philosophy
Ye, Jane Mathematics & Statistics
Yoon, Jin-Sun Child and Youth Care
Youds, Robert Visual Arts
Young, James Philosophy
Young, Lynne School of Nursing
Young, Susan
Zastre, Michael Computer Science
Zehr, E. Paul School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Ed
Zhang, Hao Business
Zhou, Min Sociology
Zimmerman, David History