CRC Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

UVic's commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The University of Victoria is committed to equity, diversity, social justice and fostering a welcoming and diverse learning, teaching, and working environment. The University’s commitment to equity and inclusion is embedded in the university’s policies and our current institutional planning documents.

In 2012 and 2015, UVic was recognized for its exemplary practices in recruiting CRCs and exceeding its equity targets for chairholder representation from women, visible minorities, persons with disabilities and Aboriginal peoples. Annually since 2012, UVic has been named one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers, one of 65 organizations leading the nation in creating inclusive workplace cultures. In 2015, the university strengthened its institutional commitment to equity through the release of the UVic Employment Equity Plan 2015-2020. This plan outlines three goals:

1. To promote and implement employment practices advancing equity and access for all.

2. To ensure the principles of fairness and equity are incorporated into all aspects of employment, including recruitment and hiring, training and promotion, and retention and accommodation in the workforce.

3. To improve the participation of members of designated groups in all jobs and at all levels where they are under-represented, and achieve and retain a workforce representative of the appropriate community.

Strategy for raising awareness

Awareness raising about equity was identified as a key activity for action in the UVic’s Employment Equity Plan (EEP), 2015-2020 and its implementation continues through a campus-wide effort.

UVic’s Office of Equity & Human Rights in conjunction with UVic’s Executive Council, Deans, Department Chairs, directors of units, and the Human Resources team are working to communicate UVic’s commitment to equity and inclusion as a strategic priority and critical performance result area. They are promoting a vision of equity which champions: equity as necessary for excellence, benefits of equity for all and responsibility for all to practice equity.

Annual progress reporting on the EEP’s implementation is provided to UVic’s Executive Council and progress is also regularly publicly reported to the BC Human Rights Tribunal. Information sharing concerning equity and diversity occurred at faculty and departmental meetings and annual meetings with department Chairs and Deans/Directors are held to discuss progress on equity goals and practices. Work has also been carried out in coordination with UVic Communications & Marketing to widely communicate the values underlying the UVic Employment Equity Plan.

Management of Chair allocations

The UVic Management of Canada Research Chair Allocations guidelines ensure that UVic’s Canada Research Chairs (CRC) processes directly address the CRC program requirements for research excellence, equity, diversity and inclusion, in alignment with the UVic 2016-2021 Strategic Research Plan (SRP) and the UVic 2015-2020 Employment Equity Plan. The goal is to ensure that UVic makes the best strategic use of its CRC allocations to fulfil UVic’s research mission in pursuit of research excellence. Equity underlies and is a pre-condition for excellence, and excellence is furthered by a diversity of people, perspectives and experiences.

UVic Action Plan

UVic’s CRC Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan was developed as a distillation of the relevant information and activities detailed in our institution-wide Employment Equity Plan (EEP), 2015-2020. The Action Plan was developed and will be implemented by the Institutional Programs Unit in the Office of Research Services in collaboration with the Equity & Human Rights office and was approved by UVic’s Executive Council.

UVic’s EEP was developed through wide-scale consultation that included members of the four designated groups and faculty members, as well as feedback from advisory groups on equity and human rights, and officially approved by the university’s Executive Council. The EEP was also informed by three reviews: a review of the Central Accommodation Fund, a review of employment systems by external consultants, and a review of Indigenous staff support. UVic’s Equity & Human Rights office, in conjunction with the UVic Employment Equity Plan Implementation Steering Committee, chaired by the University Secretary, continue to oversee the EEP’s implementation.

Contact information

The UVic Equity & Human Rights (EQHR) office leads UVic in developing and coordinating plans, policies and procedures to promote equity, diversity and inclusion in employment and education. This includes education on equity, diversity, human rights and sexualized violence; assisting with dispute resolution; investigating human rights complaints; providing information and support in cases of sexualized violence; consulting on equity plans; and advising the university on reaching its strategic goals in these areas.

The CRCP EHQR contact is:
Kamilla Milligan - Manager, Equity and Diversity 
University of Victoria
Equity & Human Rights Office
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC V8P 5C2
Phone: 250-472-4121 

EQHR can be contacted to talk through concerns, options, for support, and for help to prepare and submit a complaint. EQHR is available to answer questions and provide support at all stages in the process.

Equity targets and gaps

UVic was recognized in 2012 with the inaugural Canada Research Chair Equity Recognition for its exemplary practices in recruiting Canada Research Chairs and exceeding its equity targets for chairholder representation from among women, visible minorities, persons with disabilities and Aboriginal Peoples. In 2015, UVic was recognized again for its exemplary practices.

For more information about the University of Victoria’s equity targets please visit the CRC equity target data.

Relevant policies

UVic has a wide range of policies that support equity, diversity and inclusion, including:

•    Policy HR6100: Employment Equity
•    Policy GV0200: Policy on Human Rights, Equity and Fairness
•    Policy HR6115: Employment Accommodation
•    Policy GV0205: Discrimination and Harassment Policy
•    Policy HR6110: Guidelines on Preferential or Limited Hiring
•    Policy SS9120: Policy on Prevention of Violence in the Workplace
•    Policy GV0245: Sexualized Violence Prevention and Response Policy

CRCP utilization spreadsheet

View UVic’s CRCP Utilization Spreadsheet online. This spreadsheet, generated by the CRC Program, outlines how many chair allocations UVic has, how many are filled and by which chairholders (with their term end and start dates), type of flex moves used and which allocations are available.

Advertisements for Chairs

CRCP Equity, Diversity and Inclusion webpage

Access more information on the CRCP Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Practices page.

Annual reporting

UVic will report annually, in December 2018 and December 2019, in relation to progress on the UVic Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan, including on efforts made to maintain the CRCP equity targets and on university-wide initiatives to enhance equity and inclusion.

- December 2018 annual report