Centres and organizations

Tim Stockwell
Tim Stockwell heads UVic’s Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research, which studies substance use and ways to reduce the harmful effects of addiction.

Building bridges

Innovative things happen when researchers with shared interests and diverse perspectives work together to tackle big questions.

UVic research centres and organizations enhance connections among different academic areas on campus, promote partnerships with external organizations, and provide training opportunities for students.

Networks of Centres of Excellence of Canada are large-scale virtual research centres that bring together multiple partners from universities, industry, government and not-for-profit organizations.

Networks conduct basic and applied research in areas critical to economic and social development, with the overall goal of improving the quality of life for Canadians.

UVic faculty participate in the research programs of seven of the 12 current national Networks of Centres of Excellence:

UVic has two corporate entities related to research. They each have a board of directors with representation from government, industry and other institutions.