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JCURA Scholar(s):

The TIE lab is a proud sponsorer of Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Award scholars, year after year. JCURA is an Undergraduate Research Award that allows exceptional undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in research relevant to their discipline. For more information on JCURA, please visit the following page: JCURA Scholars

Current JCURA Scholar(s):

Alison Hill (2015), Multi-Access Learning in K-12 

Supervisor: Dr. Valerie Irvine 

Alison's Blog

Directed Studies: 

Miranda Gee & Alison Hill (2015)

"Multi-Access Learning in K-12" 

Supervisor: Dr. Valerie Irvine


Along with supporting JCURA, the TIE lab is an active supporter of the University of Victoria's workstudy program. The workstudy program is funded by the university's Student Awards and Financial Aid (SAFA) department. The program's objective is to provide additional financial assistance through on-campus part-time employment opportunities for students with documented financial need.

Link to website:

This year's current workstudy applicant is Miranda Gee (2014/15), current BEd 3rd year, student. 

Current workstudy student (TIE Lab Assistant): 

Miranda Gee