Transport in porous media

Transport in porous media

We study the transport of mass (gas species and liquid water), heat, and charged species (ions, electron) in various porous media. We specialize in studies of the transfer of liquid water over a wide range of length scales, from sub-micron scale in the catalyst layer to mm scale for water in a gas channel. We have begun to analyze particle-flow interactions and particle aggregation in a catalyst ink during catalyst layer fabrication. Characterization of porous material using advanced microscopy facilities are providing new understandings of these materials and the impact that microstructure has on all transport processes.

Laboratory facilities


  • Micro-PIV
  • porosimeter
  • optical microscope
  • goniometer
  • advanced microscopes (on UVic campus): SEM, TEM, STEHM, FIB
  • microfluidic fabrication facility (Mechanical Engineering Dept.)

Computational tools and resources:

  • Comsol
  • Ansys Fluent
  • Compute Canada (Westgrid, SharcNet)

In-house codes:

  • Pore-scale model (PSM)
  • extended finite element method (xFEM)
  • multiple relaxation time lattice Boltzmann method (MRT-LBM)