Study Details

Draco is a virtual pet mobile game where players care for a baby dragon by engaging in physical activity. Players will feed Draco, answer his questions about a healthy lifestyle, complete challenges and unlock collectables as they help Draco grow and find his home.

Eligible participants joining the study will be randomly placed into one of two groups:

  • An experimental group using the Draco app.
  • A control group using a physical activity app with no game features.

During the study period, physical activity will be tracked using a Fitbit and anonymized once collected. A Fitbit is provided by the research team.
Participation in this study is distanced and available to individuals throughout Canada.

Participant Selection

  • Children aged 8-14 years old not meeting the Canadian recommended movement guidelines of 60 mins per day.
  • English-literate.
  • Normal to corrected vision.

Those who complete the study from either group will have full access to the Draco app and receive an honorarium. 

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If you have any other questions, please contact us at: digitalhealth@uvic.ca