Which other professional service does Dr. Rhodes offer?

Dr. Rhodes' other professional involvements include:

  • Memberships
  • Editorials
  • Board memberships
  • Consulting

A full description of Dr. Rhodes' service is provided in a pdf.

Memberships in professional organizations

Dr. Rhodes is an active member of the following professional organizations. He and his research team often attend conferences held by these organizations.


Dr. Rhodes serves as an editor for the following journals.

Board memberships

  • Scientific Advisory Committee, Canada's Youth Report Card for Physical Activity Committee Advisory member - Public Health Agency of Canada Technical Surveillance Assessment
  • Board Member, BC Physical Activity Strategy Leadership Table
  • Board member for the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (BC Health Promotion Representative)
  • Board member (research advisory) for ParticipACTION (national)
  • Board member for the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (research advisory)


Dr. Rhodes is available to consult on the following topics:

  • statistical analyses
  • research design
  • causal modeling
  • exercise prescription
  • exercise intervention strategies

If you would like a consultation on these topics, please contact .